The Henderson Project presents ONE MORE TIME – A Tribute to Zouk at Jiak Kim Street

When I first heard rumblings about the Capitol Theatre will be converted into a giant dance floor for two nights, I immediately said that I gotta see (ahem, and photograph). Thanks, Rani, for making that call to the organisers!

As one can imagine, the undertaking which began way back in 2014, was massive and mind-boggling. The brainchild of the crazies – John Pok and Selena Tan. I’m proud to call them my new-found friends.

Things started taking shape only in late 2016. The business, musical and creative visuals all started to gel. The two shows were held on March 24th and 25th 2017 to packed merry makers, dance-mongers and Zouk-loyalists.

The awesome team who pulled this gargantuan feat through are Aldrin Quek (Concert Director), Indra Ismail (Music Director and Orchestrator), Selena Tan (Creative Director) and Najip Ali (Creative Consultant). The guest musicians include Lynnette Seah (Co-Concertmaster SSO), M.S. Maniam (Tabla), and Kaye (Saxophone). The guest vocalists include Rani Singam, X’Ho, Alemay Fernandez, Vanessa Fernandez and Hazrul Nizam (Vocaluptuous).

This article is about the Human aspects of staging this extravaganza – the camaraderie, fun, and mutual respect of the organizers, the musicians, the singers, and everyone involved with making One More Time a spectacular and colourful success. Let’s hope there’ll be a Two More Times show next year!

As a tip of my hat to the electronic-dance music photography genre, my usual monochrome will be in Technicolour for a change. (With the exception of the last three image, which I feel a monochrome texture would be more appropriate.)

I used my EOS 5D Mark IV, EF16-35mm f/2.8L III USM, EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM and EF14mm f/2.8L II USM fish eye lenses for this extravaganza.


So awesome to see Capitol Theatre without cinema seats! As you can see, the lighted aura was GRAND and Spectacular – even without the music.

Shot with fish-eye lens.

Selena the RSM and Indra the orchestrator make sure during rehearsal that things go smoothly.

Between them, they had to choreograph a 50-piece orchestra (playing 60 different instruments), the performance flow, the sound quality, the lighting, the food/drinks operation, crowd control, hamburger and French fries supplies, security, guest lists, media, dinner packs for performers and a certain photographer, etc etc.

Indra had to adhere closely to a full orchestral score comprising of 400 pages, broken down into 2,236 bars equating to 8,944 counts! Endurance: 90 minutes of faultless electronic-dance music sonic meanderings. Musical masochist!

Happy to be allowed All Access status, I took this calm-before-the-storm image from the Indra’s Orchestrator booth on stage. The lighting was so impressive!

Shot with fish-eye lens.

Besides the awesome pounding electronic-dance music anthems, the audience were treated to a great crescendo of vibrant light shows.

Shot during rehearsal the day before the actual shows. The splendour of the music hall of Capitol Theatre.

Shot with fish-eye lens.

Reliving the spirit of Zouk in its Jiak Kim heydays, familiar crowd-favourites were played namely Brimful Of Asha, Rej, Insomnia, Titanium and of course, One More Time (Daft Punk song).

Shot from balcony with fish-eye lens.

Interplay between Maestros of the Baton and the Bow Indra Ismail and Lynnette Seah.  

These top-gear vocal heroes (from L-R: Alemay, Vanessa, Rani and Hazrul) have to sing above the big sound provided by the 50-piece orchestra and musicians (including three drummers, providing the essential electronic-dance music backbeat throughout!) 

The view from the balcony clearly shows the jam-packed stage of orchestra and musicians with the crowded dance floor.

Shot from balcony with fish-eye lens.

The grand finale! Everyone who contributed making such a BIG ELECTRONIC-DANCE MUSIC SOUNDSCAPE came out to be applauded by the appreciative audience.

This was captured moments before heading to the stage for their high-octane 90-minute performance. Just letting their hair down to chill and have a few laughs.

I like this image with three different music genres, all “intermingling” in one image. Punk, Jazz and Classical.

For the record, Chris desired some “warm and cuddly affection” from Rani. Ever-distinguished Lynnette tried her best not to look shocked.

Vanessa, Rani and Alemy playfully pose for my mirror reflection effect image. They are so fun to be around. Rani’s the ring leader.

This image is a hybrid where two music genres meet. Rock (me) meets Classical (Lynnette). I like the golden aura in the room. 

One quick shot of the performers (DJ, singers, musicians) before they head off to the stage to kick ass.

An impromptu backstage portrait of the violin maestro Lynnette Seah, literally seconds before she went onto the stage to perform. 

I call this image of me and my new-found friend, Lynnette Seah, our “Destined Weapons of Mass Enjoyment”. Her Stradivarius and my EOS 5D Mark IV! She even allowed me to take her portrait in the men’s restroom! Another tale for another time!

Me and another new-fun friend Selena Tan, the RSM who ensured everything (all 10,000 detailed things) went smoothly. I like women with monochrome dresses. I wonder why.

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