International award-winning rock photographer Eddie Sung showcases a tribute to the Firestarter, Keith Flint (Prodigy) with intimate photos of him setting the stage on fire with an electric performance!

I’ve shot hundreds of rock bands over the decades and whenever I’m asked which one is the most exciting, I immediately answer – Prodigy! A close second is Slipknot.

Hands down, Keith is the most exciting rock subject I have ever had the honour and pleasure to photograph. He wasted no time in scorching the stage. The Firestarter, the twisted Firestarter! R.I.P.

Sadly on 4 March 2019, the Firestarter decided to take that ascend towards the Light. Twisted Firestarter RIP, sir!

Not just Prodigy’s catchy sonic pounding but frontman, Keith Flint truly was something else! I must admit that before I met him backstage, I didn’t think he was human. But we hugged, and I realised he’s actually a sweet and down-to-earth man.

LAMC must be thanked for having the foresight and guts to bring Prodigy to Singapore shores eleven years ago in 2008.

This article is my humble tribute to Keith Flint, who passed away on 4 March 2019.  Flint, being an appropriate name – a strong element that ignites great fires!

Do find out more about Keith Flint and Prodigy. In the meantime, enjoy these intimate images of the Firestarter! Always giving his 250% to his performances, pay careful attention to his menacing eyes, popping vein above his right eye, and amazing boxing tournament belt. Breathe!

I relied on my trusty and ever-alert Canon 1D Mark III and my rock concert lenses (16-35mm f2.8 L lens, 24-70mm f2.8 L lens and the 70-200mm f2.8 L lens) to capture this mercurial twister!

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