It’s that time of the year once again. Canon once again holds court its PhotoMarathon extravaganza. We are honoured to have the renowned rock photographer Eddie Sung as one of the judges. We ask Eddie if he has any images appropriate to the Judging or “Finger Pointing” (Eddie’s interpretation) theme.

Wow! How time flies!

The awesome Canon PhotoMarathon is almost here again. I’m honoured to play the role of Judge this time around. Last year, I had fun with the Meet & Greet session.

Visually I equate Judging (first impression) with playful finger pointing. Haha.

I regard rock photography to be an exhilarating and fun hobby. Sometimes I have fun visually with the rock star subject. I find it shiok if I can get a rapport immediately from the get-go.

Often times, I get rewarded by a friendly smile, eye contact or finger pointing into my lens.

Carlos Santana

Just as you guys are participating in (running around and pointing cameras at creative subjects) the PhotoMarathon, or for me judging the thousands of creative images (pointing finger at a photo entry – that’s a winner!) – it will be a FUN & EXHILARATING experience!

In the fun spirit of the PhotoMarathon, here are some of my fun tongue-in-cheek “Judgement” finger-pointing rock images from over the years, from all music genres ranging from heavy metal, rock to pop! All having Fun and Playfully Judging (“pointing at”) me.

As for the images where the rock stars point upwards, I take it to symbolise “Everyone’s A Winner!” Haha.


See you at the PhotoMarathon!

Do drop by and SAY HI!

Rob Zombie

Sid Wilson (Slipknot)

Lars Ulrich (Metallica)


Olivia Newton-John

Mick Hucknall (Simply Red)

Scott Weiland

Charli XCX

Shirley Manson (Garbage)

James Hetfield (Metallica)

Mick Thomson (Slipknot)

Scissor Sisters

Kit Chan

Olivia Newton-John

Nicole Scherzinger

As if Nicole is saying – hold it! Stop running fanatically around the PhotoMarathon, remember to Breathe & Have Fun!

To check out Eddie Sung’s other rock images, please visit his website at