Every year it’s the same story. One blink and you’re catapulted to December. Next thing you know, bells are jingling and brows are furrowing – mainly over what to buy for loved ones. Because even though it’s the thought that counts, the gift still matters!

It’s that time of the year again. Image Credit: @karensadekphotography

We can’t speak to other products but we’d like to think we’re experts if you need to get a Canon product for that special someone. Unless you’re a photo enthusiast yourself (and sometimes even if you are), it can get a little daunting picking out the perfect model from our extensive range. Don’t fret! We’ve compiled a handy gift guide that will keep you safe in the “thoughtful” zone.

Canon EOS 1300D Kit (EF S18-55 IS II)

When someone has moved past their mobile photography, the Canon EOS 1300D is the perfect DSLR candidate for the beginner. It accommodates a lower budget but it’s got all the features required to make that visible leap in image quality. An 18-megapixel APS-C size sensor provides for that upgrade, paired with the DIGIC 4+ image processor that even professionals acknowledge as a high performance core feature.

The controls are intuitive and it moves easily between modes, so they can still switch to auto – no need to fumble when it’s an urgent shot! The camera now comes with a lens kit, so that your Canon enthusiast can start their photo experimentation right out of the box. Start sharing those pictures instantly with the in-built Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities. +1 to Instagram!

Retail: $669

Canon EOS 800D Kit (EF S18-55 IS STM)

If you really want to play Santa this year, the Canon EOS 800D sits at the top of the “nice” list for entry-level DSLRs. The camera still maintains a user-friendly experience, but launches you into the front of the pack, with tech speeds that can match professional equipment. It’s a nimble ninja, allowing you to compose with the world’s fastest live-view AF system in as little as 0.03 seconds. And you’ll need it too. The camera has 45 cross-type AF points for clarity where it’s needed, rendered in stunning 24.2 megapixels. It’s also paired perfectly with a responsive performance and 6 fps continuous shooting to capture every fleeting action – like that sneaky mistletoe kiss!

Half of interesting photography is about the angles, so the vari-angle touch-screen complements the entire experience. Upsized holidays memories indeed!

Retail: $1,249

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II (Silver)

If your recipient wants a leg up in their travel photography but wouldn’t want the hassle of a bulky camera with them, we’ve got just the thing for you. The Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II is one the slimmest compact camera in our range and looks sophisticated to boot! The slim 31mm body whips up lavish pictures with its 1.0-inch sensor and 28-84mm optical zoom lens, supported by the robust Digic 7 processor. The 3.0-inch touchscreen continues the minimal but easy handling, and with Wi-Fi and NFC in-built, you’re set to share those travel pictures easily to any device, all weighing in at only 206g. It’s got a visually luxe design too, so people will know you’re a classy gifter.

Retail: $669

Canon PIXMA TR8570

If your recipient always comes to you for printing, this is really a gift to yourself in the long run. The Canon PIXMA TR8570 is a document beast, processing faxes, copies, scans and of course, printing, effortlessly. The footprint is perfect for small spaces for an all-in-one, and automates duplex printing and document feeding. Operation is easy with its touch-screen panel and the speed demon can churn out a full colour borderless photo in only 37 seconds. Time to maybe create some homemade photo greeting cards?

Retail: $289

Basic Photography Course

From terms to techniques, get your basics right at our course just in time for Christmas! Image Credit: @maplrn

Even though our cameras are a cinch to use, it never hurts to have some help. The Canon Imaging Academy eases the beginner into the world of photography basics, including the sometimes confusing vernacular. We guarantee that words like “exposure compensation” and “histogram reading” will make sense by the end of the 7-part course. But it’s not just technical know-how. Instructors will share guidelines to catch enthusiasts up to speed with composition and photography trends that will level the playing field. Practical sessions and critiques will let the participants have a tangible takeaway, and make this gift of learning a truly memorable one.

Fee: $280

Photoshop Course

Tweak anything from colours to settings to perfect your winning shot. Image Credit: @benkmj

Photoshop is one of those words that we always use, but only some of us actually know how to use. By gifting your friend with this course, you can very well make any local yuletide picture a legit white Christmas affair. Aimed at photographers with little to no knowledge in the digital editing software, the 3-part course will cover the tools of the software and their applications, to equip students with skills, and not just flimsy tips and tricks. Sharing trade techniques and practical hands-on, the course will lean towards applying the Adobe software for photographers, and is the perfect complementing dimension to your recipient.

Fee: $180

We hope we’ve helped you score some elf points with your loved ones with this handpicked selection. You can still browse through our online catalogue. And if your recipient has been taking photos for some time now, maybe take a look at what we recommend for intermediate hobbyists!