The expression ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ can very much be true with the way we view our home – Singapore. The idea of shooting on familiar grounds may seem dull or uninteresting to some. This could be a popular place of interest or simply a certain street that one passes by every day. Either way, it is important that photographers learn how to discover interesting scenes even at places that they’ve been accustomed to seeing for years.

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Singapore may be known as the “little red dot,” but a little exploration can lead you to uncover interesting spots that are often taken for granted. There are tons of photo-worthy locations in this city and you just have to know where to find them. We have selected some sites in this article that will hopefully reignite your awe and inspiration for shooting in our homeland.

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo may be a familiar place, but that does not mean that it’s a location unworthy of shooting. Why not unleash your inner child by taking a trip to the zoo with friends? Shooting with other photographers provides you with fresh pairs of eyes that will help to broaden your vision when interpreting a familiar scene. This is also a great way for you to attempt wildlife photography within a comfortable setting.

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We recommend using the Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM when shooting at the zoo. This is an ideal focal length that is perfect for most situations, whether it is capturing an animal close in distance or far away.

If wildlife photography is not your cup of tea, try including human subjects in your images with the Canon EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM lens instead! The lush trees and paved trails present at the zoo will help turn your scene into a dreamy movie-like set.

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Gardens by the Bay

When it comes to popular spots like Gardens by the Bay, most photographers tend to prefer shooting the iconic skyscraping supertrees. While these eccentric structures are certainly eye-catching, the beauty of our nature park does not stop there. Learn to adopt a fresh perspective when shooting at the gardens to avoid winding up with a typical shot.

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During your visit, take your time to absorb the sights and sounds before pressing the shutter of your camera. Find a way to compose your shot in a unique way, such as by using the “frame within a frame” method. This is a great technique used to add depth and context to an image. It is also remarkably effective in drawing your viewers’ attention. All you have to do is to choose a part of your scene to be the main subject and find a shape in the foreground that will help to ‘hold’ it in place.

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HDB Buildings

Contrary to popular belief, the unique architecture of Singapore does not stop at the central areas of the city. As much as we love iconic landmarks like the magnificent Singapore Flyer and the uniquely-shaped Esplanade, a great scene can also be found around the corner of our neighbourhood streets. With keen observation, you will notice that our heartland is home to many fascinating HDB buildings.

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The next time you’re out on a stroll around your neighbourhood, be sure to give the HDB buildings a closer look. You will notice that these structures are often designed in an intricate manner and are also painted in beautiful vibrant colours. Rather than disregarding them, why not showcase their charm through photographs? After all, these high-rise structures are quintessential of our country and are something that most Singaporeans can identify with.

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Changi Airport

Our airport is known as the best airport in the world. It is also arguably the best for capturing distinct architecture. At every turn, you are bound to discover wonderfully designed art and symmetry. This makes it a tranquil space that is incredibly pleasant to the eyes.

Image Credit: @pichancruz

Symmetry and harmony can be found in almost every nook and cranny of our airport. Make it a point to notice patterned walls and lines. These are photographic elements that never fails to provide the best backdrop for images.

Take a peek down the escalators that lead to the MRT station at Terminal 3. You’d be surprised to find leading lines along the sides of the walls and on the ceilings. This naturally helps to frame your shot and gives it an extra boost!

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Lower Peirce Reservoir

Apart from urban landscapes, choose to take a breather from city life by immersing yourself in nature once in a while. One great place for you to do that is at Lower Peirce Reservoir. This is one of Singapore’s oldest reservoirs that has captivating views of forests and waters along the edge of its boardwalk.

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Feast your eyes on the enchanting and marvellous views that this reservoir has to offer. The water surfaces of the lake make for great reflection shots and you may also get the chance to capture lovely flora and fauna while you’re there! We recommend shooting at twilight for that soft glowing light from the sun and spectacular swirls of colours in the sky.

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Rather than seeing Singapore through fixed lenses, train your eyes to see her in a more glamorous light. A great photographer is often one who is not only able to capture captivating shots of foreign landscapes but also in their home city. Are you captivated by the versatility and sights of these familiar locations yet? Pick a favourite, grab your camera and start snapping some awesome photos.

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