Gear up for the upcoming Canon PhotoMarathon XVII 2019 by joining us at the Evolution of Photography 2019 Workshop happening on Saturday, 14 September 2019!

Exclusively for EOS World members, seize the opportunity to hear from the professionals themselves on how to curate, capture, edit and prepare for the Canon PhotoMarathon XVII 2019! They will be happy to address any questions you have to help you get rid of those pre-PhotoMarathon jitters!

Event details:
Date: Saturday, 14 September 2019
Time: 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Venue: Canon Singapore Office, Sentosa Room, 1 Fusionopolis Place, Level 14 Galaxis, Singapore 138522

Event Schedule

10.30-11am – Registration

11am-12pm –Photo Curation for Instagram by Content Creators Beixin Lee & Robin Lam

12.05-1.00pm –Capturing Instagrammable Moments through Street Photography by Content Creator Jimmy Chan

1.05-2.00pm –Tea Break (Refreshments will be provided)

2.05-3.00pm – Creating Iconic Destination Portraiture by Wedding Photographer Douglas Fun

3.05-4.00pm – From a Judges’ Perspective by Award-winning Photographer Joseph Goh

More about the speakers

Beixin Lee and Robin Lam

Beixin Lee and Robin Lam are two modern storytellers who have travelled the world together for four years in search of the most beautiful nature spots and the best adventures. Always armed with their Canon cameras, they have produced stunning images of destinations from New Zealand to Bali. Together they have had the privilege to work with clients like Tourism Western Australia, Wonderful Indonesia, Cebu Pacific Air, and Airbnb. Through their unique take on photography and videography, they hope to celebrate the beauty of this world and capture life’s fleeting moments.

Jimmy Chan

Jimmy Chan is a 27-year-old local content creator based in Singapore. He began his photography journey 2 years ago in 2017 as a way to relieve stress from his full-time job, learning the basic fundamentals of working with a camera at the Canon Imaging Academy. Since then, he has discovered that photography is his passion and has gone from strength to strength in this field. He believes that capturing moments and telling stories through street photography is the perfect way to portray his views of the world and daily happening to his audiences. Relatability and awareness are what Jimmy hopes to spread and tell when it comes to street photography. He often travels overseas to find inspiration and understand the new cultures and way of living beyond Singapore.

Douglas Fun

Douglas Fun has been a wedding photographer for the past 14 years. What started as a passion turned into a career. It has given him many opportunities to capture weddings all around the world and also the privilege to experience and learn from people of different cultures and religions. For Douglas, wedding photography is not about capturing a perfect shot but capturing those priceless moments of emotion which tell a great story.

Joseph Goh

Joseph Goh is an international award-winning photographer. He was one of the judges for Canon PhotoMarathon in 2014. As an Associate of the Master Photographers Association (UK) & The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, he has achieved various accolades from The Master Photographers Association (UK), International Photography Awards (US), as well as the FEP European Professional Photographer Awards. In 2014, he clinched the Hasselblad Masters Award. Since 2009, he has received numerous accolades in international photography competitions. Driven by the urge to make his mark, he has acquired the skills necessary to run his business and entered numerous international competitions, achieving success which has helped establish an international reputation. He has also taken part in many exhibitions, and his work has been widely published in international magazines.

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  • Organiser: Canon EOS World
  • Event Date/Time: 14 September 2019, 10:30am to 14 September 2019, 4:00pm
  • Location: Canon Singapore Office, Sentosa Room, 1 Fusionopolis Place, Level 14 Galaxis, Singapore 138522

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