An architect by profession, Jun Pagalilauan’s love for design underscores his minimalistic style. We find out more about how his storytelling conveys societal themes through the quiet beauty of his black and white images.

EOS Professional Jun Pagalilauan

Tell us how you started as a photographer?
I bought my first camera while working in an architectural firm to document building facades and details. I went to several workshops here and abroad to learn more about photography. Landscape and fine art photography grabbed my attention immediately.

EOS 5D Mark III | F/16 | ISO 100 | 150s

What drew you to landscapes and fine art?
I like how nature communicates with me. I attended my first landscape workshop under the Redefining Vision in the Philippines, which made me appreciate my environment: from coastlines to cities, to sunrises and sunsets. When I started doing Black and White images, I became enamoured by how the black faded to grey and I was hooked.

EOS 5D Mark III | F/16 | ISO 125 | 120s

What do you enjoy most about your chosen genres?
The proper approach to fine art photography is not about taking photos and uploading them online. Rather, it’s about the entire process from shooting to printing, and knowing that my images have a great influence on people who are beginning to understand this genre.

EOS 5D Mark II | F/8 | ISO 200 | 1/250s

I am grateful to have attended the workshop of award-winning photographer, Red Ognita, where I learnt to interpret each photo that I publish and the significance of printing my images.

EOS 5D Mark III | F/18 | ISO 100 | 30s

What camera and lenses do you use for your shoot?
I usually carry my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 5D Mark III. For lenses, I use Canon EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM, TS-E24mm f/3.5L II and EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM.

EOS 5D Mark II | F/16 | ISO 100 | 179s

EOS 5D Mark III | F/16 | ISO 200 | 181s

5. Recently you were a recipient of several International Photography Awards (IPA), including being nominated for the prestigious Lucie Awards. Could you tell us how you feel about it, especially being one of the community ambassadors of EOS World?

This year I was able to take the Best New Talent and Deeper Perspective Photographer of the Year for IPA for the Philippines. These same images made their way to New York for the Lucie Awards. My photos were also exhibited at Splashlight Studios as part of the 2016 Best of Show for IPA. I am honoured and grateful for the recognition.

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EOS 5D Mark III | F/16 | ISO 200 | 60s

Why do you think your style of photography captivated the judges at IPA?
My style does not conform to mainstream and popular media culture or hype. Instead, I aim to convey the value of authentic art through my photographs. Most of my entries were Black and White with a specific story, like a series based on a theme. The minimalist feel documents current issues in our society.

EOS 5D Mark II | F/16 | ISO 100 | 59s

Do you plan ahead or do you shoot spontaneously?
I believe having a clear idea of your assignment makes it easier. So I usually plan ahead. I would scout the location I am shooting, understand its orientation and possible angles for composition.

EOS 5D Mark II | F/11 | ISO 200 | 298s

What has been your most fulfilling experience in your genres?
It has given me the opportunity to represent my country, avail my work to different galleries and collaborate with photographers whom I respect.

EOS 5D Mark III | F/16 | ISO 400 | 20s

What advice would you give to those considering landscapes and fine art?
Personally, I would attend a fine art photography workshop, read books and study how Ansel Adams or Michael Kenna perfect their craft. Be influenced by landscape and fine art photographers and start taking images. This will drive your passion to dream bigger and achieve what you want. Lastly, PRINT your work as this will help to define your artistic direction.

EOS 5D Mark III | F/18 | ISO 100 | 60s

Any exciting projects we can expect from you this year?
Yes, the exhibit with my work at Splashlight Studios in New York is still on display. This is for the IPA Best of Show Exhibition. Currently, I’m coordinating with some agencies for exhibits and talks to share more work in the first quarter next year.

EOS 5D Mark III | F/11 | ISO 400 | 1/250s

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