International award-winning rock photographer Eddie Sung wraps up 2018 with intimate All Access photo sessions (on and off stage) with music icons, coincidentally whose names start with the initial K.

Eddie, last year around this time you were hanging out with Kit Chan and Kitaro on the same day. Coincidentally this year, you also hung out with Kit and another music icon with the initial K. Kenny G! Tell us more about how it went.

Total coincidence! Kenny G was performing a concert the night before Kit Chan’s 25th Anniversary two-night sold-out concerts at the Esplanade.

First a bit about Kenny G. He’s a real nice guy. Always with a cheerful smile and cool aura. I had first photographed his gig 12 years ago. I shot an iconic shot, which was featured in my book “Sonic Solitude” published a decade ago. I told him I waited 12 years to present him with this book. Kenny told me he already seen and loved the black and white image – which is still proudly displayed at Singapore’s Hard Rock Café!

Here, he holds my book with the iconic image of him, staring into my lens. The image brings out a raw jazzy feel, like being shot at the legendary Ronnie Scott’s in London. This time, his tour manager gave me his email so Kenny G can see what I shot, instead of having to wait another 12 years.

Tell us how you got to shoot the Kit Chan concert.

A few weeks prior to Kit Chan’s Esplanade concerts, I got a WhatsApp message from her, inviting me to hang out and perhaps bring my camera. My weapon of choice was the incomparable Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM, EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, EF70-200mm f/4L IS II USM and EF15mm f/2.8L Fisheye USM.

I was lucky to have witnessed the various stages that culminated into a successful well-greased Kit Chan concert extravaganza.

This article gives a glimpse into the magic moments of what I got to experience. As a photographer, I became “invisible” blending into the background, not getting into anyone’s way. Enjoy the view!

If I were to choose an image that summarises Kit Chan’s triumphant 25th Anniversary at the Esplanade, this would be it!

We understand that you were invited to shoot more than just the concerts.

Weeks before the concert, Kit and her highly talented band (whom I’ve already had the honour to meet on previous occasions) started to calibrate and gel their musical synergy at a discrete studio.

There, I got to hear the concert songs way before any paying-audience! Such an awesome privilege.

Three of my favourite songs from the concert were A Time For Everything (Kit’s very own heart-felt composition), Tiny Movements by local band Hang Up the Moon and of course, the iconic Home.

This image captures the upbeat and fun atmosphere during the rehearsals.


It’s understood that whenever there’s a rehearsal, I’ll take a nice portrait for Kit. She’s looks zen and relaxed here.

The following images are from the pre-show:

Here’s the music merrymakers having a pre-show rah-rah bonding exercise.

It’s show-time! And a quick fun battle pose of Kit and her able maestros, before heading to the stage for a kick-ass show.

A quick portrait between the Inviter and Invitee before the songbird soars into the sky, with her world-class vocal prowess.

The following images are chosen from both concert nights. I was accorded All Access which meant I could get intimate images from the front, behind or side of the stage.

I must say, being trusted to shoot rock stars’ and rock band’s Bowing images, according to my friends, have become my trademark. One of the benefits is to feel the crowd’s appreciation for the singer and the band. It’s an AWESOME feeling. I really mean feeling because you feel the crowd (vibes) more than you hear it.

This is when Kit sings her signature crowd-favourite song, Home. You can make out the lyrics on her teleprompter. The music hall illuminated with a vast sea of lighted mobile phones all at once. My favourite visual part of the show.

Always nice when the subject is playful with my lens.

Kit’s obviously happy that the performance of her voice, the tight band, and the appreciative audience.

One shot, one thrill.

Shot from an angle behind the band. A little connection between the photographer and the songbird.

Pre-concert wind down. Notice the four Kits in the image.

Kit patiently signed every CD and ticket stub and other paraphernalia brought by her fans.

Here’s to the next 25 years, Kit Chan! This is an iconic shot of Kit at her previous Spellbound concert. A true star, Kit holds court with her adoring fans in a sparkling galaxy of confetti and lights from the audience. Kit looks optimistically towards the spiritual North Star in front of her. There’s even a star formation on the stage floor.

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