We are happy to reveal the winner of our Creative Photography Photo Contest!

For this contest, we invited our members to submit a photograph that best bring their creative vision to life!

After careful deliberation of all the entries we received, our esteemed judge concludes the following picture to be our deserving winner:

“Crystal Thrill”
Photo by Gin Tay

“Crystal Thrill” by Gin Tay is the winner because of 3 key elements.

1. Interesting and unusual effect of the photo – I love the fact that I don’t know what this crystal dome is sitting on. Is it a mirror? How is that background seamless? It’s weird in a beautiful way.
2. Beautiful tones and clarity – I love the luminescent pink against the black background. Stark but striking.
3. Technical skill – Clarity, fine details, composition, colour palette – all elements are working together to create this simple but striking image.

The only thing I would encourage Gin to do is try varying your composition. Maybe a off skew angle or twist on the rule of thirds would yield an even more impactful image. Oh and apply this technique to a perfume brand and go sell your shots to them!

I will also like to give a honourable mention to “Refraction” by Sim Allan. His shot was excellent in composition and interesting in its minimalist aesthetic.”

  John Scott, contest judge, EOS Professional

Our winner will receive a $200 Canon eshop voucher.

Congratulations and thank you to all of our Creative Photography contest participants!

For the winner, the details on prize collection will be sent via email.