Canon Youth Photography Challenge – Basic


Calling all young photographers from primary to tertiary levels – think you have the creativity and skills it takes to join the Canon Youth Photography Challenge?

Take your best shots based on different assigned genres and themes and see if you can complete the basic/intermediate/advanced levels. Those who finish all three levels will receive a finisher’s badge and a certificate of completion. Top entries will also be selected to be featured on Canon’s Facebook and Instagram pages!

Here’s how to submit your entries:

  1. Register for an EOS World account here.
  2. Open the “Submit Entry” button at the bottom of this page in a new tab.
  3. In the “Title” field, enter “Part A” or “Part B”.
  4. In the “Description” field, enter the Genre or Theme of the photo from the lists below.
    • For example: Title: Part A, Description: Nature
    • *Maximum file size is 3MB. Only .jpg or .jpeg images are allowed.

Title: Part A

Submit at least 5 genres with only 1 photo each.


  • Levitation/Jump Shot
  • Patterns & Repetitions
  • Lines (Leading Diagonal)
  • Natural Framing
  • Nature
  • Silhouette
  • Black & White

Title: Part B

Submit 5 themes with only 1 photo each.

  • Kyosei
  • Shadows
  • Metal
  • Texture
  • Abandoned
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Waves
  • Balance
  • Positive
  • Fantasy
  • Sparkle
  • 50-50
  • Boundaries
  • Nostalgic
  • Vision
  • Sound
  • Deception
  • Motion
  • Negative
  • Space
  • Perspective
  • Love
  • Self-portrait
  • Communication
  • Reflection
  • Taste
  • Abstract
  • Reaction
  • 7 Sins

You will receive an email upon successful completion of the Basic category to progress onto the Intermediate level.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only participants between 8 to 21 years old are qualified to take part in this challenge.
  • All participants have to be a registered EOS World member in order to submit entries.
  • Participants have to complete the challenge in a progressive manner such that every participants have to pass the Basic before they can submit for Intermediate. Likewise, they must pass the Intermediate before they can submit for Advanced.
  • Part A & Part B have to be completed for all levels. Incomplete entries will not be accepted.
  • Participants will be notified once they have passed the level.
  • You can only use a photo for each submission only, which means that you cannot reuse the same photo for other genre, theme and challenge level.
  • Any form of repeated photos will not be accepted.
  • Upon completion of all 3 levels, you will receive an Accreditation Certificate, endorsed by the Principal of Canon Imaging Academy. You will also receive a finisher badge for completing the challenge.
  • For more enquiries, please email to

Featured photo by Chua Jerryn Ashley Yiu

  • Organiser: Canon
  • Contest Date: 1 January 2018 to 31 August 2018
  • Prize: Accreditation Certificate, endorsed by the Principal of Canon Imaging Academy, along with a finisher badge for completing the challenge.