Catching gorgeous firework displays is a must on New Year’s Eve – and as the old adage goes, it’s all about the location, location, location! As we inch closer to 2018, we’ve picked a few key spots that’ll certainly provide for panoramic views of the evening’s festivities, without straining your wallet too.

The Promontory @ Marina Bay Sands

If catching the fireworks is your very first resolution of the year, accomplish it at Marina Bay Sands! Its fluid lines cut an impressive backdrop for the intricate bursts of colours and patterns to shine, and it remains one of the more popular spots for catching and shooting fireworks. Use the surrounding architecture and urban skyline to frame and add a sense of depth to your shots.

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Image credit: Ross Garner

Canon Tip

Smoke is the biggest hindrance to fireworks photography. Try to capture as many shots as possible during the beginning of the show to avoid capturing the smoke in your shots later. As MBS is a popular spot for fireworks, you may need to get there early to beat the crowd and search for a perfect spot.

Gardens by the Bay

Alternatively, you may head to Gardens by the Bay nearby MBS to enjoy the fireworks especially the Bay East Garden, where you can escape (most!) of the fireworks-watching crowd. The waterfront also makes for a great opportunity to experiment with your photographs. Use the fireworks’ reflections in the water or glass surfaces to soften the harsh lines. It also adds an ethereal effect to your shots.

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Canon Tip

Use a tripod to produce steadier shots. You would need to stand by your camera earlier to get ready for the launch and the tripod will hold your camera firmer and longer than your hands. Plus, shutter speed plays a more crucial role than the aperture. Set it to between two to ten seconds, then adjust the exposure according to the sky’s darkness, and let the camera do its magic.

Singapore Sports Hub

Besides being the host for sports games and concerts, and a national icon that offers an astounding view of the Singapore cityscape, fireworks-lovers often flock to the National Stadium to grab a good spot to enjoy the night’s celebrations.

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Canon Tip

Remember to set your ISO low for about 100 or 200 and turn off long exposure to avoid more noise in your shots. Go manual rather than to set your exposure and focus mode to auto as auto mode takes a longer adjustment time and by the time it is ready, you would have missed the speedy sparks.

HDB Flats

Perhaps an unexpected entry in our list, HDB flats and apartment buildings are also notable spots to catch the sparks in action, thanks to their sky-high levels.

Skyville @ Dawson is famous for its lush greeneries and symmetrical architecture, but the highlight of the towering building is still the Sky Garden on the 47th level, which offers a great, unobstructed panoramic view of setting and rising suns, and of course fireworks.

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If you’re lucky enough to live relatively close to the city centre and on a high level, you can even enjoy the stunning views from the comfort of your own home!

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Wondering if portrait or landscape orientation is better? We say both. A portrait photo has the advantage of capturing the motion of the fireworks while landscape orientation is perfect for capturing multiple bursts. Do bear in mind that your flash has to be switched off as it will not help in capturing the distanced fireworks.

We feel your excitement for the upcoming New Year’s fireworks! Shoot as many as you can and share your best shots with us on Instagram by tagging @canonsingapore and hashtagging #canonsg for you might be featured on our website or social media!