From aesthetic facades to astounding landscapes, Singapore constantly inspires with creative architecture that makes it Instagram-worthy. There are abundant Instagram entries of the same subject from different angles that can inspire you to pick up your camera, but there are times when it gets repetitive. Being a small island, there’re only so many places that we can photograph before it gets too old. How can you stand out from the crowd? Let’s explore the possibilities:

Neighbourhood Nooks & Crannies

Look up from your phone and start looking around 😉 It’s time to look at and appreciate the little things in life. From satisfyingly symmetrical lines, distorted reflections to interesting holes-in-the-wall (literally!), unleash your creativity and produce a personalised image that no one has but you. Go wild, the world is your creative playground.

Image Credit: @humanbasedfish_

Photo credit: @hellobumi

Image credit: @estheryeophoto

Canon Tip: Framing is key. It is the rule of composition that draws focus to the photograph by using surrounding elements to create a frame for your subject. Take a step back. Get a wider scene of the environment and this will add a new depth (and a different look) to your shot.

Observe your surroundings as great subjects or props come in different sizes and shapes. Look around and make use of the things around you to create an impressive shot.

Water Streams

Creativity comes with extreme fun! Need an exciting place to put your photography skills into practice? Try public water parks for a start, as they are not just for a great day out with the family, but for great photography opportunities, too.

Image Credit: @karensadekphotography

Canon Tip: A faster shutter speed helps you capture minute details in action, perfect for snapping candid shots. For a subtle ethereal aura to these everyday moments, a slower shutter speed is great for producing silky water flows that add a special touch to your photos without excessive photo-manipulation.

Other than public water parks, fountains and the rain are also good ways to start with photographing water. One of our favourite methods is reflection shots, also known as “puddlegram”. The reflection adds another dimension to the photo, transforming an ordinary building into something surreal.

Photo Credit: @seathebreezee

Including water droplets in your photos may also lend a melancholic mood to your photo.

Image Credit: @jimchanfc

Streets, Walkways, Alleys

Struggling to find a great spot for pictures? How about the streets that you walk past daily? Take a break from the still curves and lines of architecture and immerse yourself in the bustle of the thriving urban city around you. Add a human element or a spot of colour to really bring out the vibe of that street.

Image Credit: @khidhirasyraf

Image Credit: @invictusrly

The best thing about street photography is you can experiment with different approaches or even a random shot that catches your attention. Street photography is also about speed, thus this practice is highly recommended if you are a candid-shot lover.

Canon Tip: If you’re shooting on a sunny day, you may want to give an aperture of f/16 and an ISO of between 200 and 400 a try. It is also effective to use a wide-angle lens (you can try the Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM) so that you’re able to capture the scenes around you in its entirety. Always try to capture as many shots as you can in one take as well, as you’re capturing the moment, and it’s difficult to replicate the moment after you’ve missed it.

We hope we managed to spur you on and provided some photography inspiration 😉 If you give any of these unique Instagram-worthy spots a whirl, post them on Instagram and tag @canonsingapore or #canonsg for a chance to be featured!