Music photographer Alvin Ho regales us with pictures that he had shot of the bands that called on our shores using his dependable Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. Check out this photo essay as he illustrates Singapore’s vibrant local music industry.

Music fans in Singapore were blessed with historic debuts and highly anticipated returns of the biggest names in music in the past 12 months. Once again, it has been a fantastic year of music for Singapore – a Year of Legends.

I am honoured to share these music moments captured with my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV , a wonderful workhorse that boasts rich details, sharp image resolution and incredible low light performance. With its rugged body, fast AF and superb speed, it has proven itself as an excellent partner for all my shooting gigs.

Music Photographer Alvin Ho

Wednesday Campanella

The music calendar’s curtain raiser, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, always kickstarts the year with great surprises! Here is KOM_I from Wednesday Campanella who redefined bodysurfing in a zorb ball.

<img src="wednesday campanella.jpg" alt="wednesday campanella">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/4 | ISO 400 | 1/250s


Shooting these legends in 2013 changed my world. Four years later, I still feel the same adrenaline rush.

<img src="metallica.jpg" alt="metallica">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/4 | ISO 2000 | 1/320s

Bring Me The Horizon

Returning to our shores to unleash their electrifying energy and sound to thousands.

<img src="bring me the horizon.jpg" alt="bring me the horizon">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/5.6 | ISO 4000 | 1/125s

While She Sleeps

Lawrence Taylor definitely has no qualms getting touched by his fans. This band left me sweaty and breathless in their full sonic glory.

<img src="while she sleeps.jpg" alt="while she sleeps">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/4 | ISO 3200 | 1/250s

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

The opening band for Guns N’ Roses’ world tour, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown amazed the Singapore crowd with their honest, heartfelt rock before the legendary headliners.

<img src="tyler bryant and the shakedown.jpg" alt="tyler bryant and the shakedown">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/4 | ISO 800 | 1/320s

Guns & Roses

This was the biggest rock show in Singapore with 50,000 fans (below) gathered for a Guns & Roses reunion with Slash, Duff and Axl Rose.

<img src="guns & roses.jpg" alt="guns & roses">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/5.6 | ISO 4000 | 1/250s


Grammy award winners for Best Metal Performance 2017, Megadeth’s charismatic Dave Mustaine proved his mettle at helming trash metal with his super-fast riffs.

<img src="megadeth.jpg" alt="megadeth">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/4 | ISO 2500 | 1/250s

SA x Nada

Singapore’s very own alternative music festival, Baybeats continues to break new grounds in its 16th year. Local instrumental band SA infused traditional Chinese pieces with NADA’s electronica Malay classics in a one-of-its-kind collaboration at the new Esplanade Annexe Studios.

<img src="SAxNADA.jpg" alt="SAxNADA">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/4 | ISO 5000 | 1/125s


SEKAI NO OWARI which means End of the World is currently one of Japan’s biggest creative acts and a joy to experience live with their unique mix of indie, J-pop and electronic elements.

<img src="Sekai No Owari.jpg" alt="Sekai No Owari">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/4 | ISO 5000 | 1/125s


The most highly-anticipated concert of the year was an amazing technicolour extravaganza by Coldplay. Their A Head Full of Dreams Tour played to 100 000 fans over 2 sold-out nights. To show his appreciation to his fans here, Chris Martin held up the Singapore flag.

<img src="coldplay.jpg" alt="coldplay">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/4 | ISO 4000 | 1/250s

All Time Low

All Time Low’s 3rd outing here saw the crowd singing their new tracks as loudly as they did for the classics. Here, guitarist Jack Barakat takes time to greet his enthusiastic fans.

<img src="all time low.jpg" alt="all time low">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/4 | ISO 5000 | 1/125s

Foo Fighters

My personal music heroes, Foo Fighters, returned after two long decades for a 2-hour long show. This shot of Dave Grohl is one of my top favourites.

<img src="foo fighters.jpg" alt="foo fighters">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/5.6 | ISO 1600 | 1/250s

Miss May I

After 2 unsuccessful attempts, Ohio’s Miss May I finally made it to our shores to deliver an intense no-holds-barred performance.

<img src="miss may i.jpg" alt="miss may i">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/4 | ISO 4000 | 1/250s

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes rounded up his massive Illuminate World Tour at the Star Theatre, melting the hearts of screaming teenage girls. Tickets sold out within minutes, justifying the 19-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter’s popularity.

<img src="shawn mendes.jpg" alt="shawn mendes">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/2.8 | ISO 2000 | 1/320s

Foster The People

After a long six-year wait since their debut here, the band fronted by larger-than-life Mark Foster brought their suave moves and a psychedelic audio-visual experience with a multi-instrumental setup, instantly filling the room with contagious energy.

<img src="foster the people.jpg" alt="foster the people">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/9 | ISO 2000 | 1/200s


Malaysia’s internet sensation Namewee who belted out controversial anthems and radio-friendly hits at his first Singapore show. A sold-out show with 5000-strong audience, Namewee managed to keep the show intimate with songs that resonated with folks from all walks of life.

<img src="namewee.jpg" alt="namewee">

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV | f/6.3 | ISO 2000 | 1/125s

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