2017 was the year of satisfying symmetry and vibrant architectural shots, which ruled social media feeds and were the ideal subjects for our lens – but what exciting techniques and trends do can we look forward to 2018? Here’s what we think:

1) It’s time to experiment!

Image Credit: @bedtimetalesinc03

Channel your inner Rene Magritte by injecting a surrealist touch to your everyday approach to photography. Think enchanting narratives, atmospheric textures, and maybe a disembodied head or two. It’s also a great way to push the limits of your creativity and explore an unconventional visual aesthetic that’ll certainly make for an impressive portfolio or Instagram feed.

The idea of experimental photography may seem daunting at first, but it’s all about utilizing an alternative visual method to express the realism that reflects our everyday lives and emotions. Start small by shooting with a different photography setting or technique than your regular set-ups, or incorporate wispy smoke trails, pops of vivid colours and blurred lines of light that are aplenty in any urban city.

Image Credit: @bedtimetalesinc03

2) It’s all about the #NoFilter

While the #nofilter tag is commonly used for beauty shots and selfies, it’s a technique that’s being favoured for photography this year. It’s back to the basics in 2018 – producing real images with natural lighting and settings, with minimal or zero editing after.

Image Credit: @gyanendu

Image Credit: @tcs197

Expect to see photographers skipping out on heavy post-processing, and opting for the raw, yet natural quality of photos taken the way they are instead.

Image Credit: @whyhage

3) Colour makes a comeback

Move aside minimalism and monochrome – vivid colours are back in full force and they’re here to stay! Colours are often a divisive element in photography, as mismatched tones and hues can often impact the overall impact and influence of a shot.

Image Credit: @eugeneegumpp

Image Credit: @pruue

The key to playing with colours in photography is a basic understanding of colour theory – pair complementary colour palettes (such as teals and oranges) for an aesthetically-pleasing contrast, or stick to two to three large vibrant colour blocks for a fun twist on minimalist images. Desaturating other elements of an image may also add an extra oomph and emphasis to the colour in your photos.

Image Credit: @jxshch

Image Credit: @thulzphotography

4) Light ‘Em Up!

We saw an emergence of light-play that went beyond bokeh in 2017. Crystal balls, long exposure shots and selective focus gave us a myriad of gorgeously atmospheric photographs that ranged from the quaintly whimsical to the hauntingly melancholic.

Image Credit: @jimchanfc

Image Credit: @jxshch

Lighting is a photographer’s best friend when it comes to achieving the right aura for their next great shot, and it’s not always about streams of natural outdoor light! Dimmed, directional or even just a little peek can set the tone and make a moody, mysterious piece or add a unique touch to editorial photo shoots. Colourful fairy lights are also a staple when it comes to creating dreamy photographs.

Image Credit: @lightfactor92

Image Credit: @paper.ends

5) Take it to the streets!

Street photography is a genre that is often overlooked, but challenging to master; it requires a keen eye for turning ordinary everyday scenes into extraordinary visuals, and a hyper-fast finger on the shutter! It’s a brilliant opportunity to sharpen one’s photojournalism skills, capture the irreplaceable moments of magic that comes from the cultures, traditions, and happenings of wherever you may be.

Image Credit: @chitye

Image Credit: @terencetzc

Check out bustling community areas like markets, public parks or large-scale events like festivals and marathons for a chance to snap some awesome shots.

Image Credit: @roganyeohfotografi

Image Credit: @vacer.media

What photography trends are you excited to pick up or try out in 2018? Remember to share your shots with us by tagging your posts with #canonsg!