Photography is a journey as much as it is a form of art. At EOS World, we create opportunities for every budding and professional photographer to interact so that they learn, share their experience, and get inspired. At the heart of EOS World are its core members – the EOS World Council Members and Community Ambassadors – who influence the direction of the community. In this article, we are proud to present our new Council Members and Community Ambassadors for 2018-2019, making Singapore’s largest EOS community more vibrant with compelling and exclusive shooting opportunities to look forward to.

Council Member – Jensen Chua

Jensen is a travel photographer and writer with Jetabout Holidays and also an instructor at Canon Imaging Academy. He believes that true photography is honest imaging with minimal digital manipulation. His photographic awards include Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year 2015, National Parks Board and Top 10 in People and Nature category.

Council Member – Barry Seah

A Professional Photographer Association of Singapore member, Barry is a commercial and studio photographer. He believes there is beauty to be captured in every subject. One of his few proudest achievements thus far can be found in the Miss Earth 2012 Fashion Shoot for ECO-Mode Magazine and Renotalk Magazine.

Council Member – David Wirawan

David is a self-taught travel and nature photographer. He learned the art of photography by analysing fellow photographer’s works and through research of lightning and shooting techniques. His awards include Top 3 in the i Light Marina Bay 2012 Photo Competition and Live Green Photography Contest. He was also a speaker at the National Geographic Indonesia Forum in 2009.

Council Member – Wisnu Haryo Yudhanto

Wisnu has honed his photography skills over the years in events, weddings and portraiture. Photography is his passion and profession and he believes in pursuing new experiences while maintaining a sense of curiosity about the world. He has been awarded 1st Prize Winner for the “Those Who Move Us” campaign by the Land Transport Authority Singapore & Canon Singapore in 2015 and he was also a Top Ten Finalist in a wedding photography competition in 2014.

Council Member – Victor Mok

Full-time banker and self-taught photographer, Victor’s photography genres range from outdoor and indoor portraiture, street, sports to event photography. He won his first Canon PhotoMarathon award in 2013 and is a freelance events photographer. Victor has also been an official photographer for the past National Day Parades from 2013 to 2017.

Council Member – Stanley Cheah

Stanley is a sports and events photographer, and shoots landscape and street photography in his leisure time. He enjoys the adrenaline rush while capturing action images and speed photography. He shoots events such as Singapore Formula 1 Night Race 2018, Singapore Bike Show 2018 and the RSAF50 airshow.

Council Member – Lemjay Lucas

Lemjay constantly challenges himself by shooting various photography genres such as travel, architecture, sports, weddings, food, portraits, events and street photography. He is a self-taught landscape and cityscape photographer. One of his most notable achievements in photography is the 2nd Place award in the Open Category with the theme “Above” of the Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore in 2014.

Council Member – Kajan Madrasmail

As a travel photographer, Kajan‘s images brings the audience closer to the people and cultural landscapes he captures. His photographs freeze a moment in time for it’s beauty to be savoured. Kajan has also been chosen as National Geographic’s Travel Photographer of the Year 2017, People Choice Winner.

Council Member – Pichan Cruz

Besides being a full time product and still life photographer, Pichan also produces commercial videos. During his free time, he goes around the city shooting cityscapes and architectures. Pichan’s works has been published in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Her World Brides, Vouge Gioiello and National Geographic.

Community Ambassador – Harish Segar

To Harish, photography is a moment of concentration and an immersion into what he does. His images enable him to show the beauty of our surroundings and the world in his perspective. He captures landscape, wildlife and cityscape photography and has photographed for WWF Singapore during Earth Hour 2017 and 2018.

Community Ambassador – Isaac Benjamin Ong

Isaac photographs landscape, portraiture, macro, nature and also experiments with infrared photography. He strives to take unique photos in his own style and to stand out with a different perspective. He has shot street and landscapes in Japan and was one of the frontline photographers for National Day Parade 2017.

Community Ambassador – Kevin Siyuan Ma

Kevin is an architectural photographer whose works evolve around the built environment, focusing on architectural narratives and architravel. His works have been awarded Top 20 finalist, 2017 The Architectural Photography Awards and 3rd Place in the category Simplicity during Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2018, and have also been exhibited in more than 10 countries.

Community Ambassador – Ignacia Sandra

Ignacia is an event photographer. She shares her passion behind the lens with her empathetic style of capturing her subjects’ emotions and her aim is to create artistic and captivating expressions. She has shot events such as the 28th SEA Games, ASEAN Ministerial Conference, National Day Parade, Miss Universe Singapore 2016 and Chingay Parade 2017.


Community Ambassador – June Yeo

June is a nature and event photographer. Some of her shoots include National Day Parade, Community Service. She has also won an award for SMRT’s Circle Line photo contest.

Community Ambassador – Ngee Chye Teo

When Ngee Chye is not busy in his job as an engineer, he shoots landscapes, macro, events, studio and street photography. His interest in photography led him to become a Community Ambassador of EOS World and a member of other photographic societies.

Community Ambassador – Theo De Roza

Theo captures street photography to fighter jets and wedding photography. His passion has led him to be a Top 20 Finalist in Professional Photographer of the Year 2012 in the Black and White category, Winner in the Straits Times NDP Love Contest: Love In Any Language, and has had his photographs featured on National Geographic.

Community Ambassador – ST Wong

S.T. Wong is a member of the Motorgrapher Team and shoots portraits, product, pet and bike photography. He has shot events such as the Singapore Bike Show 2018 and Dirt Bike Enduro Race.

Community Ambassador – Swee Meng Seow

Swee Meng has explored different photography genres such as landscape, portrait, macro and wildlife. When capturing images, his philosophy in one word is ‘Lucidas’, which means bright and shining in Latin. His achievements include winning Viewbug Compositions 101 Photo Contest, BMW i3 Urban Living and Klaud9’s Deepavali Challenge.

Community Ambassador – Jun Pagalilauan

Jun is an architect by profession, but expresses himself through his fine art photographs. He aims to capture the value of genuine work of art with his lens and images. His awards include First Place Sub-category by Moscow International Foto Awards in 2015 and Honourable Mention under Landscape Category by International Photo Awards in 2014.

Community Ambassador – Geng Hui Tan

Geng Hui is a travel photographer in pursuit of the X factor. His images range from event photography to sports and travel. His achievements comes in the form of features, exhibitions and engagements with institutes such as National Heritage Board, Land Transport Authority and MINDEF Public Affairs.

Community Ambassador – Mark Anthony Lim

Mark is a nurse by profession and enjoys capture travel photography in his leisure time. He uses the same dedication to his profession as for his passion in photography. In addition, he was awarded Best of Show in the Open Category during Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2016.

Community Ambassador – Alex Goh Ngan Pin

Alex enjoys the technicalities of photography and captures architecture, street, portrait and event photographs. He believes a great photo and goes beyond equipment and technicalities and his mission is to capture memorable moments and unique perspectives. His achievements include winning 1st prize in PUB’s #mytakeonwater 2016.

Community Ambassador – Iris Eu

Iris is an event, portrait, wildlife and macro photographer who has shot events such as Harakjuku Fashion Walk Singapore 2018 and Chinese Opera photography. Her hobby in photography has led her to become an active member of EOS world and newly appointed EOS World Community Ambassador.

Community Ambassador – Kevin Fan Kei Yim

Kevin is a military aviation fan and nature lover who fell in love with macro photography. He tries to shoot differently from or capture images not taken by fellow photographers. His various images include sports, landscape, macro, action and he is especially fond of moody monochrome shots.

Community Ambassador – Soraya Agullo

Soraya began her career learning to draw, compose and colour. She became captivated with photography and ever since has focused on continuing to improve and refine her skills. Her portfolio includes portraiture ranging from families, to newborns and kids, and fine art.

Community Ambassador – Eldridge Chang

Eldridge documented the SEA Games in 2015 and was also involved in other sporting events such as the 8th ASEAN Para Games and Singapore Open for Bowling. His photography portfolio also include weddings and event coverage.

Community Ambassador – C E Tan

C E is a portrait photographer, capturing his shots in Chinese Opera and and Cosfest Halloween – Yokai Festival 2018. He also enjoys capturing street and nature photography.

Community Ambassador – Jonathan Ooi

Jonathan enjoys capturing events, landscapes and portraits. He also gave back by leading his own EOS World photo outing and shoots events such as Ultra Music Festival 2017 and Halloween Horror Nights.

Community Ambassador – Ryan Cheng

Ryan started out in landscape photography and now is a professional photographer shooting weddings both in Singapore and overseas. He also photographs events such as fashion shows and functions for People’s Association.